Terms Of Agreement

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Terms Of Agreement

Post by Father Ghostbuster » Mon Jan 30, 2006 1:50 pm

Terms Of Agreement

This forums' sole purpose is to enable a means to freely yet intelligently discuss facets of all things Amityville no matter your viewpoint. In that vein, the Administrators have a responsibility to make sure that goal isn't compromised and that all people feel comfortable expressing their various viewpoints without the fear of harsh criticism or the fear of coming under undue fire.

Disagreements are encouraged, harassment is not tolerated.


While we rarely censor, limit, restrain, or otherwise stifle the discussions on this forum, the Administrators will take steps to limit flaming, profanity, explicit sexual innuendo, badgering, and
fighting/insults. If behavior of this nature continues, the person(s) responsible will be banned.

By joining this forum and entering the various discussions, you agree to keep the insults and profanity to an absolute minimum.

You also agree that you will not make threats, harass, threaten legal action against other members, or include sexually inappropriate content in your posts. Under all circumstances, your account will be banned
if you post any spam, personal information deemed by the Administration as intrusive or inappropriate, or any images deemed by the Administrators as pornographic or indecent.

We ask for everyone to maintain a certain level of decorum and courtesy in their posts and discussions. Additionally we ask you to endeavor to
make your posts relevant and on-topic where appropriate.

Our commitment to you is constant. Our decisions are final.

Welcome to the Official Amityville Horror Truth Board............

We are glad you are here!
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