Amityville Case-Related Information, Interviews, & Links

Important board information plus links to a great deal of information regarding the Amityville case
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Amityville Case-Related Information, Interviews, & Links

Post by BillyCigars » Sat Jun 11, 2005 6:55 pm

General Information

The Official Amityville Horror Website
Originally hosted by George Lutz, this site is still maintained by George's webmaster and close friend, Tim Yancey.

The Amityville Files Website
AT members Eric Walter, Blaine Duncan and Matt LaCurts have done a tremendous job in putting together this, the largest collection of Amityville-related research available on the web. Tons of info on both the DeFeo murders and Lutz haunting cases.

The Amityville FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Created as a simple, easy-to-navigate site intended to prevent the same basic questions from being raised over and over on the Truth Board (at a time when the board was getting slammed with new visitors, due to all the advertising for the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror).

Amityville Article Archive
A large collection of informative newspaper/magazine articles written over the years about the DeFeo murders and Lutz haunting.

The Amityville Horror Truth Website
Our sister-site, but not run or maintained by us. Nonetheless, it contains a lot of interesting documents and articles related to The Amityville Horror. NOTE: This site has gone down, but an archived version has been created here.

Online Videos

History's Mysteries: Amityville
Perhaps the best documentary so far about the murders, the haunting and the confusion and myths surrounding both. This is a link to purchase a DVD of this 2-part documentary, but you may be able to rent this for free from your local library, and it normally airs on the History Channel a few times per year (especially around Halloween).

In Search Of... The Amityville Horror
In 1979 this TV documentary series investigated the Lutzes' claims of their Amityville home being haunted. Includes interviews with George & Kathy Lutz, plus the only known on-camera interview with the priest who blessed the house, Father Ralph "Ray" Pecoraro. It also contains a rare look at the entire Lutz family together, with their children, just 3 years after the haunting.
Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3

Father Ralph "Ray" Pecoraro's On-Camera Interview
This short WMV clip is taken from the "In Search Of" episode above. It is part of Father Ray's on-camera interview where he confirms that he blessed the house, heard a disembodied voice order him to "get out," and was even slapped across the face by an unseen presence.

Jay Anson Interview Clip
This short WMV clip is taken from the "In Search Of" episode above. It is part of Jay Anson's interview, talking about his thoughts on the case as he was putting the book together.

The Lutzes on Good Morning America
This segment from the July 26, 1979 broadcast of Good Morning, America features George & Kathy Lutz (sitting alongside James Brolin) chatting about the case with a somewhat hostile David Hartman.

The Lutzes on The Merv Griffin Show
In 1979 the Lutzes made a deal with American International Pictures, in that they would agree to edit out a few scenes from the film version of The Amityville Horror (which the Lutzes found objectionable) in exchange for them to do a certain amount of publicity for the film. One such publicity event was this appearance on The Merv Griffin Show, accompanied by actor Rod Steiger. This is also the first public appearance of the infamous "ghostie boy photo" (though a better view of this appears on History's Mysteries and the ABC Primetime Live pieces).
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

That's Incredible: The Amityville Horror
A year after the Lutzes fled, Jim and Barbara Cromarty bought the Amityille house from the bank. Unfortunately for them, this was just before the case became a worldwide phenomenon, with Jay Anson's book coming out later in the year, followed in 1979 by the blockbuster movie. Attempting to keep the curiosity seekers from trampling their lawn, the Cromartys told anyone who would listen how their house was not haunted in the slightest. When that failed to work, they started attacking the Lutzes, saying they lied about their experiences. Here, in this 1980 episode of That's Incredible, the Cromartys take us on a tour of the house, and give their evidence on how the haunting was all just a hoax.

Kathy Lutz on the 700 Club
Kathy Lutz interviewed on the 700 Club about the case, her life, and her spiritual beliefs.

WB11 News Closeup
Newsanchor Marvin Scott -- himself a part of the hoopla surrounding The Amityville Horror due to his participation in a 1976 investigation -- hosts this special report on the case, which ends with an in-studio interview with Hans Holzer. This program looks to be from around 1999 or so.
Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3

ABC Primetime Live Special on the Amityville Horror
This 2003 Halloween edition of ABC's Primetime Live features an interview with George Lutz (and others) as it looks into the continued controversy surrounding his family's experiences in Amityville some 25+ years earlier. Includes a nice close-up of the infamous "ghostie boy photo."
Part 1Part 2Part 3

The Real Amityville Horror
Well-balanced 2005 documentary from the BBC, examing both the murders and haunting.
Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 • Part 5 • Part 6

Newsday's Flash Presentation On The Amityville Tragedy: A Brief Look Back
(You may need to disable pop-up blockers and other security features in order to view this)


MadPod Amityville Special
A 10-part series of audio interviews conducted by Shadoe Steele with George Lutz, Lorraine Warren, Hans Holzer, Laura DiDio and others involved in The Amityville Horror case.

The Ghostly Talk Interviews
In 2005 the online radio show Ghostly Talk did a series of 3 programs devoted to The Amityville Horror -- two were interviews with George Lutz (Feb 27 & March 6) and the third was an interview with Tim Yancey and psychic investigator Mary Downey (April 17).

In-Depth Interview With George Lutz From
Extremely informative interview now featured in's "Legends Of The Supernatural" collection. This is an excerpt from the book Our Haunted Lives by Jeff Belanger.

Comprehensive 4-Part Interview with George Lutz by Tim Yancey
Tim Yancey is the Webmaster of and long-time researcher of the paranormal.

ABC News Chat with George Lutz
Transcript of the live internet chat held on the day following their ABC Primetime Live report in the Fall of 2003.

Mary (Pascarella) Downey's 2005 Interview with WPVI Philadelphia
Psychic Mary (Pascarella) Downey accompanied the Warren's during their investigation in March, 1976. This is a transcript of her brief interview with WPVI News in Philadelphia.


George and Kathy Lutz's 1979 Polygraph Examination Results
Read the actual results from the polygraph examination of both George and Kathy Lutz, conducted by polygraph experts Michael Rice and Chris Gugas on June 19, 1979.

Ric Osuna's First Book (proposal)
Ric Osuna befriended George Lutz in 1999, and started writing a book in conjunction with George about the Lutzes' experiences in Amityville and the events following. This is the book proposal Ric wrote for that project. After seeing it, the suggestion was made that the project be put on hold while Ric worked on his writing skills. Some believe this was seen as an insult by Ric, and caused his split from George; but Ric claims he left George's camp due to information he received from "Geraldine DeFeo," a lady who claimed she was married to killer Ronnie DeFeo and who also claimed to have inside information on the murders and haunting. So this book project was dropped, and Ric started work on his other book, "The Night The DeFeos Died" which is mainly held together with the questionable information from Geraldine, who was found later to have lied about her marriage to DeFeo.

Ric Osuna's 2004 Deposition (PDF)
Depositions of Ric Osuna made by George Lutz and his lawyer in preparation for a lawsuit in 2004. Provides a lot of insight on the relationship between Ric and George, and the problems the two had with one another.


Blueprint Recreations of the Amityville House
AT member DutchColonial put together these fantastic recreations of the house plans:
Exterior North Elevation • Exterior South Elevation • Exterior East Elevation • Exterior West Elevation • Basement Blueprint Of 112 Ocean Avenue • 1st Floor Blueprint Of 112 Ocean Avenue • 2nd Floor Blueprint Of 112 Ocean Avenue • 3rd Floor Blueprint Of 112 Ocean Avenue

Reinvestigating the Flip-Flop
Using copies of Ric Osuna's own posts from back in the day, AT admin Sherbetbizarre takes a look at why Osuna went from writing a book proving the Lutzes were telling the truth, to changing gears and writing a book calling it all a hoax.

History of Native American Indians on Long Island
Article researched and written by board member, Howard64.

John Ketcham: Man or Myth?
Article investigating the myths surrounding John Ketcham, written by board member LisaMarie.