A Mysterious Tragedy

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A Mysterious Tragedy

Post by KevinW » Wed Apr 14, 2021 4:59 pm

Back on the 5th of this month, I had the day off from work, part of a 4-day weekend for Easter. On Tuesday morning, I logged into work as I've been doing since March 2020, and after about an hour of taking tech support calls, my manager's boss texted me and asked me to aux out of the phones so that he could call me directly to speak to me.

He said that he had some bad news and wanted to tell us individually about it starting with me since I've been with our department the longest (even longer than anybody in management at our Columbus, Ohio offices). Todd, one of my coworkers since 2014, had passed away in his home over the Easter weekend. Apparently, he didn't log into work that Monday, and when management and his family in Michigan couldn't reach him, police in the town of Mansfield where Todd lived were called. When they went to his house to check on him, they found that he'd passed.

Needless to say, I was extremely upset by it. We'd all worked closely with Todd in our part of the department, and with losing another coworker in December 2020 to cancer, the past week has been quite rough.

On Thursday the 8th, Todd's family posted on Facebook that his dog was missing.

On Monday the 12th, Todd's obituary online was updated. He'd actually passed away on Friday the 2nd. But no cause of death was given.

Todd's family then updated the Facebook posting (https://www.facebook.com/tirice1977/pos ... 3676327705), which opened up more questions about his passing:
1. Why is the woman who located Todd's dog not wanting to reveal who had him and why?
2. Why is a police detective involved in a lost dog case?

That's when a couple coworkers and I started finding the news articles regarding what happened.

One coworker suggested that Todd could have committed suicide and gave his stuff away beforehand, even though he never showed any signs of being suicidal. But the items missing, including his dog and Jeep, along with the the door being found ajar, to me, points to a more troubling possibility.

That possibility was further solidified with today's newspaper article from Mansfield.

https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/st ... 214029002/

Between the items missing, his Jeep being found abandoned in a field, his dog's disappearance (and the suspicious way it was returned), and his door being left ajar, I'm thinking that foul play was involved.

As for why somebody would want to do something to Todd, I have a theory based on when I worked and lived in Mansfield from 2000-2002.

Back then, I never considered Mansfield to be a gay-friendly town. While there are folks in the town who believe in equality, there are a lot of conservative folks in that town. I remember shortly after I moved from Mansfield, there was a letter to the editor from a gay couple in the town whose rainbow flag in their back yard kept getting stolen at night. There were people who responded in the online comments that it was okay to do that because homosexuality had no place in Mansfield, ignoring the fact that whoever was doing it had to trespass on private property and break into the couple's fenced in back yard.

Todd was active in the organizations that had started in Mansfield after I lived there. While views may be slowly changing for the good, there are a lot of conservative people who refuse to change, and I'm thinking that somebody may have targeted him because of that.

In the meantime, myself and his other friends and coworkers and family are trying to find answers.

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Re: A Mysterious Tragedy

Post by Brendan72 » Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:52 pm

One of the problems with suicide is that you can never really tell sometimes. The high rate of suicides at the moment seems to be a secondary epidemic linked to COVID-19 with extended lockdowns, uncertainty and isolation from friends and family.

With that being said when they look back at this in history they will then address the suicides and mental illness attributed to COVID.
- Brendan72

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Re: A Mysterious Tragedy

Post by Amit Y Ville » Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:22 am

A coincidence surely.
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