Is Someone Harassing You?

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Is Someone Harassing You?

Post by Dan the Damned » Mon May 30, 2011 3:58 pm

If someone is harassing you on the board or in our chat room, tell them to stop. If they don't, then tell a moderator. Don't assume we saw the harassing message, and please do not respond by harassing them in return.

If this is happening in chat and there are no moderators present, you can simply ignore the offending person by clicking on their name (located on the side "who's in chat" list) and selecting "ignore" from the pull-down menu. Feel free to PM one of us (see below) and include a transcript of the portion of the chat where the harassment took place (you can save the chat using the "save" button).

If someone is harassing you in a post or private message, click on the "report post" icon (found on the top right corner of each post and private message). This alerts us to the problem.

If the harassment or problem is not limited to a specific post, then send a PM to the admin or a moderator:
**Note: If you do not receive a prompt response, try sending a PM to another moderator/admin. Different people have different schedules, and some people might be taking vacations or may not be available...

If you need to email the webmaster of the Amityville FAQ website, you can send your email to: