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Ric Osuna's Resignation from Lutz Book Project

It's interesting to note that there is not one word here relating to his uncovering "new information that the Lutzes perpetrated a hoax." Rather, he seems more bothered by the fact that George Lutz and Daniel Farrands had expressed a desire to bring Scottie Gee on board to handle the graphics portion of the CD/Picture Book.

Ric's stance at the time was that he didn't want to participate in a fictional "Amityville" film because of his concern for the "feelings" of the surviving DeFeo family members, not because of any suspicions or evidence he had that the Lutzes created a hoax.

Where then does he get off writing in his book (p. 15), "Nevertheless, the relationship soured after I discovered the truth about the Lutzes and their claims."



Ric Osuna willingly relinquished all claims of ownership (ie, "rights and obligations") to the Lutzes. The only "copyright holders" in and to this "book proposal" are George and Kathleen Lutz. Full permission to show all documents on this page are given by George and Kathleen Lutz. Here is a lettle from Osuna relinquishing rights.


McPherson & Kalmansohn
Attorneys at Law
[address deleted]
Dear Mark,
I am in receipt of your letter regarding my resignation from the proposed and tentatively titled Amityville Picture Book. I am returning your letter unsigned because there are certain parts that I have circled that need clarification. However, I know you have already said that this is very time consuming situation, so I will make clear my position in this letter so that you may use it in the place of the letter you sent - if you choose.

I pulled out of said project because I felt as a Licensee I did not have sufficient control to tell the accurate story of the Amityville experience. After working four months on the project, Mr. Lutz decided to change the scope of the project from what was originally agreed upon. Therefore, in good conscience I resigned and have wished Mr. Farrands and Mr. Lutz the best in their continuance (sic) of this project.

To make it simple, what ever materials belong to the Lutzes will remain the Lutzes. I will only make public the materials that are strictly mine. I have never broken the agreement between Mr. Lutz and myself and plan not to. Let this letter serve as my official termination and clarification that the materials that are owned by the Lutzes will not be made available to the public through me. Lastly, I have returned via certified mail all of Mr. Lutz' materials.


Ric Osuna


Final Termination Agreement Signed by Ric Osuna:


August 28, 2000
Mr. Ric Osuna
(address deleted)
RE: Termination of Ric Osuna from Limited License Agreement ("Amityville Horror Picture Book") ("the Project")

Dear Ric:
This office has been presented with a copy of your August 13, 2000 e-mail in which you expressly "pull out" of any participation in the Project, as well as your August 20, 2000 termination letter. This letter memorializes that you are herewith formally withdrawing from any and all participation from the Project, and thereby terminating any and all of your rights and obligations as expressly set forth in that certain Limited License Agreement, dated March 3, 2000 ("the Agreement"). Your withdrawal and termination, of course, does not affect any of the continued rights and obligations retained by the Parties to the Agreement other than you vis-a-vis each other. Consistent with this withdrawal and termination, would you kindly forward immediately to Mr. Lutz any and all originals and copies of materials in your possession, custody or control which were produced to you (in original or copy form) by Lee or Kathleen Lutz.

Mark E. Kalmansohn
DATED: 8/30, 2000
(signature of Ric Osuna)
Ric Osuna

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