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By sherbetbizarre

Posted August 20, 2000 22:17
The only people I want to be a hero to are the dead DeFeos and I hope my integrity pleases God himself.

On July 27th, 2000 Ric Osuna announced that his pro-haunting book - The Amityville Horror Complete Story Book - was now "on hold" and that he'd be travelling to New York for "further research." Upon his return he "parted company" with the book project, the movie deal, and his involvement in the History Channel Documentary, insisting he'd ended on "good terms" with all parties. Because now he had a different story to tell, and one that he had been chosen to reveal to the world.

This became known as Ric Osuna's infamous FLIP-FLOP - defending the Lutzes one minute, then calling them hoaxers the next.

But looking back it wasn't as cut-and-dried as this. Oh no. Even after pulling out he still said, "I do believe what the Lutzes felt in that house was EVIL" Which makes it interesting to compare the following forum postings with the finished product: "The Night the DeFeos Died."

Let's start at the beginning, when Ric returned from NY - -

Posted August 19, 2002 05:41
Hi everyone - -
I am back from the dead. The new and improved Amityville Murders Web Site is up and running.
So, please grab your favorite beverage and get ready for a lengthy read.
Let's remind ourselves what this "new and improved" website involved... no ghosts... no demons... just cold-blooded murder... with at least two participants getting away scot-free... AND HE WANTS US TO GRAB OUR "FAVORITE BEVERAGE" BEFORE WE READ IT??!! Ric said, "The DeFeo murders had nothing to do with the supernatural but rather had more to do with cause and effect of a dysfunctional family." Yeah, I'll drink to that...
Posted August 19, 2000 23:40
I still believe that Kaplan is a fraud and the only reason I did not put up my info on him is that I promised the production people certain exclusives - - that being one. I do believe what the Lutzes felt in that house was EVIL, but I do not believe it came from the bowels of hell or that it has always inhabited that land.

Well, well, well. How interesting is that? Ric spends, what, up to two weeks with Geraldine and she neglects to tell him of her meeting with the Lutzes before they moved into 112??
Posted August 20, 2000 22:35
I will say the story George Lutz personally told me seemed just like your typical haunting and plausible.
Posted August 20, 2000 22:17
I believe George and Kathy Lutz did experience some bad shit at the house. However, I am no longer in a position to give an accurate answer. If I ever found evidence that the Lutzes conspired with Bill Weber or anyone else for that matter then I would present that to the public.
Posted August 21, 2000 18:11
Where did I say the Lutzes are perpetrating a hoax? When actually I wrote that I have no hard evidence that the Lutzes perpetrated a hoax. I think your comments would have been justified if I called the Lutzes liars and con-artists. Oh I have met those that say that.

Ok, so she DID tell him!

Hmmm! This doesn't make sense at all. Why is Ric not believing her until some "hard evidence" comes along? This is a woman whom he deemed so credible that he threw away months of work for!

Posted August 24, 2000 21:38
I have yet to call the Lutzes liars but I have been able to disprove a lot of myths around the Amityville Horror. There are things that I know of at this time that I am unable to say.

Hey, maybe if we keep on at him, he might tell us...
Due to Nightporter's persistence, he starts cracking. And finally Ozz breaks him -
Posted August 26, 2000 14:44
Tell us exactly what you found out ON THIS TRIP that makes lee a liar and not credible because BEFORE this trip, he was credible according to you.
Posted August 26, 2000 17:36
Lee's credibility became an issue when I first met with certain people that say they knew him before the house. These certain people showed me legal documents - - affidavits - - saying things at this point are confidential.


Someone has told him the Lutzes are not credible. With the benefit of hindsight we can flash forward to the book - and see that it's Geraldine DeFeo he's talking about.

Who else in that book claims they knew Lee and Kathy before 112? So where's her affidavit he was allegedly shown? Once again - he dropped three Amityville projects for this woman, yet doesn't have the balls to believe in her 100%!
What more does he need?
Posted August 22, 2000 20:46
At this point I have finished with the Lutz case. Regardless, I never proclaimed it was a hoax because at this time I have no concrete evidence saying it was.

Ah cool, he's still waiting for "concrete evidence." That's fine with me. I can wait too.

If he decides it was a hoax, the "concrete evidence" will be in the book, right.

So let's take a look:

Ok, so we have Geraldine sitting with Weber, Lee and Kathy in a bar... and... and... that's it! There is no additional evidence in the book at all! Ric said she was genuine in August 2000 because he'd seen her Sheriff's I.D. card in action.

And that is all the book does too!

So why didn't he believe her then? A month later (September 2000) he finally tells us that Geraldine DID witness the Lutzes planning something. So are we to assume she took an amazing 2 MONTHS to tell HIM this vital story?

Something is seriously wrong here. It isn't logical.

The same happens with Father Pecoraro:

Posted August 24, 2000 23:03
The only problem I have with the priest is that the catholic church has repeatedly called the man a liar and a charlatan. So is the priest lying like the catholic church insists? Or is he a scapegoat? I dunno.
Posted August 31, 200 02:10
I am sorry that you cannot accept the truth about what the catholic Church thinks about Father Ray. I have no opinion of the man because he is dead.

Well, Ric you SHOULD have an opinion because according to your book, Geraldine MET with the Priest and he confessed everything to her, including "GET OUT!" being a tape playback.

Did she not mention that meeting either?

Or hadn't you two cooked up that story at this moment in time? ;)

The Geraldine-meeting-the-Priest story was made public the following March - and if it were true, Ric would have surely heard it first back in July/August 2000 and would not be saying, "I have no opinion of the man"!


Here we find Ric not taking his own advice...

Posted August 25, 2000 13:49
The only thing George and Kathy Lutz have to be careful on is credibility. If they say such and such a thing happened on such and such a day or year then they have to stand by that. If a critic proves otherwise then their credibility gets attacked.
Look at the following dates:
Posted July 05, 2000 12:14
If what this woman tells me proves correct then something very fishy happened at the crime scene.
Posted July 10, 2000 03:31
If you are interested in the Truth, then you will see the truth in October J. Seated side by side is Kathy and George Lutz united in their rememberance of the TRUTH during their 6 hour interview!
I just saw the first cut and it rocks!!! Can you say, "Good-by Hoax Theories?" J
Posted July 11, 2000 21:40
I have had extensive conversations with a relative of Ronnie's. We have spent over 30 hours on the phone just talking. All I will say now is that High Hopes is wrong, at least according to her and she will provide me with proof proving it wrong. She seems extremely credible by the things I have proven thus far.
The stuff I already know is ground breaking and I got keep it secret for now to protect the DeFeo family. Seems there are a lot of reporters and writers wanting to capitalize on them in the wrong way.

In over 30 HOURS of telephone calls she never mentioned the Lutzes and the Priest were fraudsters?? And if she did, why didn't Ric believe this "extremely credible" woman?

Notice back then he said "the DeFeo family"... Well, we were sure let down by that one!


Posted July 23, 2000 13:04
I have been dealing with certain members of the DeFeos and they all say "High Hopes" got it wrong. I'll be working hard to reveal the truth of the whole affair.
Posted July 27, 2002 20:17
I'll say this J - - they refer to Murder In Amityville as fiction and they do not have the nicest things to say about Dr. Holzer.

In the book "they" and "certain members" = Geraldine. That's it.

Posted September 22, 2000 20:11
Okay what about if I was told by the DeFeo family - - not just Mrs.D - - that your mom and stepdad had this planned before they moved in the house.

Posted July 28, 2000 13:29
The DeFeo relatives took turns (to look after the house after the murders) - - actually I'll be talking to a few in just a matter of days. So when I know more, you'll know more J

"Not just Mrs D"?
"A few"?
Who "all" agreed that High Hopes was wrong?

Once again the book just credits Geraldine.

Who could the other DeFeo's possibly be? He had NOT talked to Ronnie at this point, so did he mean Geraldine's daughter, Shea Marie, who was too busy being born when these events unfolded? And who looked after the house then after the murders then? Me and "Old Billy", who asked the question, are still waiting for an answer!

Posted 2/15/01 9:34:38 pm
All that I'm willing to say at this point, is that I have interviewed many people that knew the Lutzes and Weber's plans. Of course I'll bring this out all in the book in greater detail.
"many people" = Geraldine
Where the bloody fuck are these additional people that knew about this ONE MEETING between Gerri/Weber/Lutz??

Posted 3/25/01
Father Pecoraro's affidavit is not sealed. However there are parts of his deposition that are. Regardless, I have talked to a witness who is prepared to sign an affidavit attesting to the facts about Pecoraro.

"a witness" = Geraldine.
Did she sign that affidavit yet, Ric?

You see how good he was? Giving the impression that SCORES of people had come forward with the Truth?

Let's do the math shall we:

Geraldine + Geraldine + Geraldine + Geraldine + Geraldine + Geraldine = ONE PERSON

At a stretch there were a few more...

Posted October 12, 2000 23:30
Regardless, it is not really significant because neighbors on both sides of the Lutzes say that the family resided there the full 28 days. Rather they came and went to give the house a lived in look. At first I thought this was an error on their part, but then as of recently I found that more and more of the people on Ocean Avenue that observed the Lutzes were stating the same thing.

This is classic.

What kind of Investigative Journalist would preview the above, only to write LESS WORDS on this crucial subject in his book??

"Not only did the neighbors deny having shades on the ground floor of their homes, but they also pointed out that often the Lutzes would come and go only to make it appear they lived there."
who are these people, what are their names?
• where are the quotes?
• how did all this "coming and going" to give it a "lived in look" misfire so badly? Was it the wrong type of "coming and going"? Were the Lutzes overdoing the "coming and going" and it looked like they were "going and going"? What is he on about?

And how come these nosey neighbors did NOT spot the comings and goings of Butch & Bobby, the day AFTER the murders?

Pages 109-112 has them:
returning to the house and entering
"cleaning up" the house
going out to the backyard
Ronnie walks by the boathouse (watch out for those pesky neighbors, Butch!)
Ronnie and Kelske arguing! Outside in the backyard! Around 3-4pm in the afternoon!
What was Ric thinking?

To recap:August 2000 and Ric believes the Lutzes experienced "some bad shit at the house"
But a few months later it was an all out hoax.

It's pretty much impossible to pinpoint exactly what changed his mind, but what happenedwas that people dared question him about his new stance, and it seems he couldn't handle it, and this pushed him into a much more extreme direction.

A few people have come to this forum recently, criticizing us for criticizing Ric. But they have come to this story via his book, without the benefit of the unfolding events of the past 3 years. I hope this was of some help to you.
Posted July 27, 2000 13:09
In weightlifting, we have a term it is 0 or 100% - - nothing in between. So, believe me when I say someday another Amityville book will be published and I am pretty sure that I will at least write one or two of them - - and nope they won't be fiction.