The Amityville Horror Truth Website examines various topics relating to the Amityville Haunting. Here you will find the real interviews, documentation and evidence from the people that were there.
The Priest Who Came to Bless the House

Many people have claimed over the years that the haunting was a hoax. Some have gone on to claim that there was never even any priest who blessed the house.

In 1979 the TV series "In Search Of" tracked down the priest and interviewed him about his experiences in the Amityville house.

In this video clip, Father Ray (as he is known to the Lutzes) confirms not only that he was there and that he did, in fact, hear a disembodied voice command him to leave, but also mentions an even more frightening incident as he blessed the infamous sewing room – something not mentioned in the book or shown in the movie.

NewsDay Photograph: The Amityville Horror House

In Dallas, Texas, while Attending HauntCon 2005, Mr. John Clontz of the Deadly Shoals Haunted Trail was reviewing a few historic photographs, including this one, taken of the Amityville house just days after the DeFeo murders went down. Something in this picture caught his eye.

Is there more here than just a photograph of the notorious house? All we ask is that you examine it for yourelf.

George Lutz Files Suit In LA County Superior Court

Mr. Lutz has filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming he's been libeled by the recent movie remake of "The Amityville Horror."Lutz filed suit June 10th, against Dimension Films, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and others, including two screen writers.

PDF document - Complaint For Libel, Breach Of Contract

George Lutz On MagickMind Radio

Mr. George Lutz recently appeared on MagickMind radio, discussing some of the unusual photographic anomalies that have appeared in photographs of the house on Ocean Ave. Click on the link to be taken to their site where you can hear the interview in their archives section. Chat - Raw Chat Logs provided us with the raw chat logs from the 2002 George Lutz chat. Only a small segment of the questions made their way past the screeners. Here you can see the questions and comments which didn't make the cut. [NOTE: Only a small portion of the log ever made its way to this site.]

The Lou Gentile Letter

Radio talk show host Lou Gentile contacted Ronald Defeo Jr. in prison concerning the murders, and Ric Osuna's claims.

Ronald Defeo Jr. wrote Lou Gentile back, and here is the transcribed letter.

Letter To Kathy Lutz

A scanned letter from Ric Osuna to Kathy Lutz sent just months before Ric's flip flop. Really illustrates just how sudden Ric's change of heart took place.

The letter contains information concerning Ric's involvement in representing Kathy and George's movie rights.

Ric Osuna's Letter to the Mayor of Amityville
Ric writes to the Mayor asking for a film permit during the planning of the History's Mysteries program on Amityville, for which he was an associate producer. Interesting to see how he attempts to assure the mayor that there is no way they can make a biased progam.

No Record Of Defeo Marriage
Official documentation from the State Of New Jersey stating they have NO record of any marriage between Ronnie Defeo and Geraldine Gates in 1974, which seriously discredits both her and Ric Osuna's book (for which Geraldine seemed to be his main source). But did they get married at a later date?

Defeo Vs. Defeo

Court documents dealing with the 'divorce' of Ronnie DeFeo and Geraldine 'DeFeo' Gates, featuring Ronnie's claims that they first met in 1985 (not 1974 as Geraldine claimed).

Letter From Hans Holzer
This letter from Hans Holzer directly goes against what Ric Osuna claims Hans told him. Holzer states here that Geraldine and Ronnie were ONLY married in prison, and not before the events that occured in Amityville.
Lutz/Osuna Book Project

Here is the rough draft and book proposal for "The Amityville Horror: Discovering the Truth" - the book project Ric Osuna was working on for George Lutz back in the year 2000, when Osuna was a firm believer of the haunting. In fact he claimed that this book would contain proof that the haunting was real.

Later Ric would claim that his book "The Night the DeFeos Died" would contain proof that the haunting was a hoax. Neither book proved anything, except that Osuna had a flaky definition of the word "proof."

Ric Osuna Resigns From Lutz Book Project

In August of 2000, Ric suddenly resigned from the projects he was doing with George Lutz. Here is the original resignation letter he sent to George Lutz, as well as a couple of responses from George's lawyer.

Osuna's Contradictions
A series of forum posts by Ric Osuna made prior to his body being taken over by the pod people from outer space. See here how he used to be a total believer of the haunting, and how those views are now in direct contrast to what he claims today.

Ric Osuna Deposition

This 2004 deposition of Ric Osuna offers a shocking glimpse at his lack of journalistic standards, while attempting to answer questions behind his sudden change of heart regarding Amityville.

[PDF file - right-click to download]

Michael Who?
Just as Ric Osuna resigns from his book project with George Lutz, 'Michael' introduces himself to the forum, claiming he is the son of Ronnie DeFeo and Geraldine 'DeFeo' Gates.

Ebay Auction: Butch's Letters

An Ebay auction where the supposed son of Ronnie DeFeo tried to make money by selling Ronnie's letters.

Or was it him? Also included is an archived thread discussing who might have really been behind this sale.

People, More People, and a Bag Full of Lies

Ric talks about his various confidential sources, many of which he never got around to naming in his book.

Osuna's Promises of Documentation
An early press release for Ric's book "The Night the DeFeos Died" features a lot of promises that were frankly never met.

Osuna Promises Proceeds Will Go to Charity

Ric promised that a portion of the proceeds from his book "The Night the DeFeos Died" would go to charity. I wonder how that went.

Crime Scene Photo Posts by Gerri and Ric

Posts by Geraldine 'DeFeo' Gates and Ric Osuna, both talking about how the DeFeo crime scene photos should be kept private and never shown in public. Later, those same photos were made available in Ric's book as well as on his website.

Did Ric just want to prevent History's Mysteries from showing these photos so that his book could have an exclusive?

Missing Amazon Reviews For 'Night the DeFeos Died'

Surprise! Ric's book is released and several negative reviews on mysteriously disappear. How did that happen?

A few of those reviews (that Ric doesn't want you to see) are archived here.

Parody Page
Some parody photos of Ric Osuna made by the friends he turned on and/or left behind.