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Amityville FAQ Article Archive
Here is our giant archive of all the Amityville-related newspaper and magazine articles (that we could find) from over the years!

The Weber Contract

William Weber calls the haunting a sham. He is frequently described as the man who "confessed" the haunting was a hoax. But is that really accurate? Find out in this article written by Dan Nolte, which examines the relationship between the Lutzes and William Weber (defense attorney for Ronnie DeFeo, the man who killed his family in the Amityville house a year before it was purchased by the Lutzes).

The Amityville Haunting: An Interview With George Lutz
George Lutz discusses the horrifying events that occurred to him and his family during their 28 day stay in the infamous Amityville House.

MovieWeb Talks With George Lutz
Jodie doesn't like George... and neither does MGM. Among other things, this interview discusses a few 'surprises' held within the framework of the new Amityville Horror remake [2005]. Trust us, though, it won't ruin your enjoyment any more or any less.

Amityville Remake Disturbs His Spirits

LA Times article published just after the initial filing of the lawsuit between George Lutz and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer over the 2005 remake of 'The Amityville Horror.'

George Lutz filed suit June 10, 2005, against Dimension Films, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and others, including two screen writers.

Long Island Voice Article

Long Island Voice article from 1999 about the 25th anniversary of the DeFeo murders. On Page 3, Ric Osuna is quoted as saying he has proof 'that the house is truly haunted.' Less than a year later, Ric would be telling people he had proof that it was all a hoax.

Cover - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 Article: House Of Horrors

On October 31, 2002, posted an interview with several prominent players involved in the Amityville mystery.

Here is a reprint of that article, courtesy of ABC News. Chat Transcript
ABC Primetime Thursday interviewed Mr. George Lutz in 2002, and did a segment on the Amityville Horror. They also did an online chat with him, the transcription of the chat session is available here.

The Amityville Conflict: An Interview With Dan Farrands
Dan Farrands recalls the events leading up to the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror.
Reinvestigating The Flip Flop
An article written by Sherbetbizarre that explores Ric Osuna's strange transformation from a pro-haunting believer, to a hardened skeptic that cries 'hoax'!

The Bloody Shoe Photograph

Some claim this crime scene photograph is evidence that the DeFeos were awake at the time of their deaths – not shot in their beds. But what does it really show? This new analysis questions if the photograph was even taken inside the DeFeo house.

The Seventh Body

Does this photograph show a mysterious 7th victim in the DeFeo home? Is it evidence of police misconduct, or, like with the 'Bloody Shoe Photograph mentioned above, is it possible that this photograph comes from an entirely different crime scene?

WARNING: Page contains a graphic photo of a dead child.

A History Of Native Americans On Long Island
This first of three articles by Howard provides us with a history of Native Americans on Long Island and the area surrounding the Amityville house. These series of articles will end with Howard's theory explaining how this information pertains to the haunting experienced by the Lutz family in Amityville. Watch for the second article to be included soon.

Newsday Article: DeFeo's New Story
In this 1986 article - his first newspaper interview since the 1974 murders that spawned 'The Amityville Horror' – convicted mass murderer Ronald DeFeo now claims that he did not massacre his family after all.

Geraldine's Criminal Acts
Being convicted of fraud wasn't enough – now Geraldine 'DeFeo' Gates has really gone to the dogs, as shown in these newspaper reports.

Zanesville Times Recorder Prints Retraction

In the April 21, 2005 edition of the Times Recorder, an article entitled, "The horror! 'Amityville' has no true story, no true tension," incorrectly stated "that family that the original book is based on has admitted that their story was a hoax." On April 28th the Times Recorder issued a correction. [links are dead]

Original Times Recorder Article

Zanesville Times Recorder Correction

Icons of Fright: An Interview With Dan Farrands
Dan Farrands talks with Icons of Fright about his role in producing the History's Mysteries documentaries on The Amityville Horror, and recounts his first meetings with the Lutz family. Dan also gives us his thoughts on the new movie remake.