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The official website for the Amityville Horror – created by Tim Yancey on behalf of George Lutz. Lots of articles, interviews, documents and more to help you investigate the Amityville case.

A great site featuring many documents, articles and information that answer many "hoax questions."

A great place to find answers to questions not addressed here concerning both the Lutz haunting and DeFeo murders. A friendly meeting place for fellow Amityville enthusiasts. All points of view are welcome.

A vast archive of Amityville research material awaits you at the new (2008) Amityville Files website. Search through their collection of articles, interviews, photographs and documents relating to the Amityville haunting and the DeFeo murders and judge for yourself where the truth lies.

Tim Yancey's personal archive of video and audio files pertaining to "The Amityville Horror" haunting.

Ric Osuna's Web Site, mainly there to sell his book The Night the DeFeos Died. Osuna believes the haunting was a hoax, and his website reflects that. This site features some great photos of the interior of the Amityville house, as well as lots of documents and information (mainly concerning the DeFeo murders).

This website is run by Tracey DeFeo – current wife of convicted murderer Ronnie DeFeo. She addresses various statements and claims that have been made about Ronnie and the Amityville case over the years, including the rebutting of statements made by Ric Osuna and Geraldine Gates.

Official web site for Ed & Lorraine Warren – two of the few psychic researchers who had a chance to enter and investigate the Amityville house. This site gives information on their investigation as well as Amity-related items in their online store.

Various Amityville-related Web Sites

Amityville (web site for the Village of Amityville, NY)

Amityville II: The Possession Web Site (web site on the film)

The Amityville Fellowship (info site & forum)

The Amityville Horror (movie remake site)

The Amityville Horror - The Cover-Up (pro-haunting site)

The Amityville Legend (web site on Amityville Horror folklore)

Amityville: The Web Site (devoted to Amityville books/movies)

The Hoax in Amityville (pro-hoax site)

Misc Web Sites

Coast to Coast (paranormal radio show – nightly at 7pm EST)

Encounters (paranormal radio show hosted by Tim Yancey – Sundays at 9pm EST)

Lou Gentile (paranormal radio show)

Ghostly Talk (paranormal radio show – Sundays at 6pm EST) (ghost photos)

Ghost Hunters, Inc. (ghost hunters)

Deadly Shoals Haunted Trail (haunted attractions)

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