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How long were the Lutzes married for before moving into the house?

Did George and Kathy have any children together?

What were the ages of the Lutzes at the time of the haunting?

Was this the first house the Lutzes looked at?

Did the Lutzes know the house was the site of a mass murder before they bought it?

Did the Lutzes notice anything weird about the house when they were first shown it?

Did the Lutzes believe in ghosts or the paranormal?

Did they keep all the old DeFeo furniture?

When did the Lutzes move into the house?

Did the Lutzes get to know their neighbors?

When was the house blessed?

Why did the Lutzes want the house blessed? Were they very religious?

Why did George convert to Catholicism?

Was the priest who blessed the house a personal friend of the Lutzes?

What happened during the house blessing?

What was the Lutzes' reaction to the priest being attacked during the blessing of the house?

Did the Priest experience blisters on his hands, like in the movie?

Did the Priest experience any other weird events connected to Amityville?

Where is Father Ray today?

Did the Lutzes' dog hang himself?

Is it true the Lutzes found a bunch of pills on the floor when moving in?

When did the Lutzes first notice things were "not right" in their house?

What exactly did Kathy feel?

Did the family all experience the same thing, living in the same house?

What did the "marching band" sound like?

Did anyone else hear the marching band sounds?

Besides the "marching band," what other strange sounds did the family hear?

In the movie, George is seen always at the fireplace. What was that about?

Did George ignore his business while living in Amityville?


What's up with all the flies on the windows?

Did the flies attack the priest, as in the movie?

Did the walls bleed?

So that's where they got the idea of the "walls bleeding" from?

Did Kathy turn into an "old hag"?

Why did George wake up at 3:15am each morning?

Was the "red room" the gateway to Hell?

Did the Lutzes have nightmares while living in the house?

Why was it a big deal that the kids slept on their stomachs?

Was George possessed?

Did George turn in his gun to the police out of fear he would hurt his family?

Who was Jodie, the pig?

When did George or Kathy first find out that Jodie was real?

What was it that was staring at George and Kathy from outside the living room window?

Did the force in the house prevent them from using the telephone?

Did the Priest bless the house, or did the Lutzes do it themselves?

Did Danny's hands really get crushed by the window when he was teasing Missy?

Did the Lutzes really levitate?

It almost seems like the Lutzes thought everything that happened to them was supernatural. Didn't they check things out to see if they could have a natural explanation?

Were there other witnesses to any of this?

What happened on that final night?

Why do the Lutzes not talk about that final night?

Did the Lutzes practice witchcraft or anything?

Did George really see a hooded figure as the family fled the house?

Did they leave the house on a dark, stormy night?

As the Lutzes fled the house, did their car fail to start, like in the movie?

When did the Lutzes flee their Amityville home?


Where did the Lutzes flee to?

Didn't the Lutzes come back and hold a garage sale?

Why did they not take more of their belongings with them?

Why did they give the house back to the bank? Why not just resell it?

Did the Lutzes record their story onto tape after fleeing the house?

Who is William Weber?

Why did the Lutzes contact William Weber?

Was William Weber planning on doing a book?

Why did the Lutzes go public and hold a press conference on the haunting?

Why did the Lutzes refuse to do the book deal with William Weber?

How did the Lutzes meet Jay Anson?

Who came up with the title "The Amityville Horror"?

Why did they agree to let Jay Anson write a book on their experiences?

Did Jay Anson interview the Lutzes for the book?

When did they sign the book deal with Anson?

Did the Lutzes realize what they were getting themselves into when they decided to do the book deal?

Did anything strange happen to Jay Anson?

Did the Lutzes experience strange things after fleeing the house? Did the evil follow them?

Why did the Lutzes call in all the psychic investigators?

Who is Stephen Kaplan, and how is he involved in all of this?

Who is Laura DiDio, and how did she become involved in all of this?

Who are the Warrens and how did they become involved?

When did the Warrens investigate the house?

What did the Warrens find?

Was there a picture taken of a little "ghost boy" during these investigations?

What was the result of the investigations?

When did they move to California?

What happened to George's land surveying business?

How did Hans Holzer become involved?

When did Hans Holzer investigate the house, and what was his findings?

Did any of the family members ever return to the house?




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