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Here are some of the ghosts of Amityville Horror past


The precursor to the official Amityville Horror website.

The original owner of the domain name "" was Ric Osuna. At first this was fine, as he was partnered with George Lutz on writing a book on the haunting and other projects. But then they had a falling out. Ric soon started posting things on the site about how the haunting was a hoax.

To counter that, some of George's friends put together the "" website, providing articles and documents to answer various allegations being made by Osuna and others. By 2004 George regained control of the domain name and a revamped version of this 'truth site' became the official home to The Amityville Horror on the web.

Though the old Truth Site is still online, it has been neglected over the years. Here we present a revamped archive version of that old site, with a little spit & polish and a bit of new content to boot.


All the newspaper and magazine articles we could find relating to the DeFeo murders and the Amityville Horror haunting. Over 300 articles with more being added all the time! Follow the news of the DeFeo murders and the Lutz haunting as they happened and as they were unfolded little by little to the public.


BillyCigars complied this great list of links to various Amityville Horror-related information, videos, documents, etc, from all over the Internet.


Ric Osuna and others who ran Amityville-related Internet Forums were not always the fairest in the land. Quite often people were banned for having views that differed from those of the administrators; and if not outright banned, their posts got deleted. Much like the amityvillehorrortruth site, the Truth Board was started as a place for rebuttals, and quickly became a place where people could discuss and argue about evidence without the fear of being banned for their opinions.

The board bounced around from one free hosting service to the next over the years, eventually going private in 2005 when the current board was hosted by George Lutz on his servers (and moving here following his death the following year).

Please note that these forums are only archives – you will not be able to post replies and many of the links will not work. Still, we feel they provide a lot of very good information regarding the case, and having this information available to those interested was something George Lutz felt important.

Amityville Truth Board (Jan-July 2001) This is when the Truth Board was hosted by Hostboard and moderated (at least for a while) by Chris Lutz. Note there are no active links on page 4 of the index, and only a few on page 3 – so about half of the board got archived.

Amityville Truth Board (July-Nov 2001) The board bounced around from one free hosting service to the next back then. This short incarnation was hosted by Not much activity during those few months, and a very irritating formatting scheme, but hey, it was free.

Amityville Truth Board (Jan-Feb 2002) This, the briefest incarnation of the Truth Board, was hosted on Boards2Go. The original index was not archived – only a handfull of assorted threads. The index was recreated, but we have no idea how complete this archive is. Since it only lasted a couple of months, it's probably pretty complete.

The Amityville Murders Board (March-May 2002) Ric Osuna's Hoax Board, put up just in time to promote his book. I'm not sure when this board closed, so again I'm not sure how complete of an archive we have here. There were other versions of the Hoax Board as well, but I'm not sure if any were ever archived.

Amityville Truth Board (2002-2004) The Truth Board as it appeared when hosted by Only 2 months of posts are archived here, but this version of the board lasted 2 years. We had to move in 2004 when announced they were no longer hosting free forums.

Amityville Truth Board (2004-2005) We moved to EZboard (now and experienced massive traffic due to the remake of the 1979 movie. Unfortunately EZboard based their renewal fees on the board's traffic, so when it came to renew the board in 2005 we were presented with an insane bill of $800. That was the major reason we decided to take the board private, but there were other reasons, too, such as their practice of removing any post when they received a complaint, and a major incident when the entire site went down resulting in hundreds of threads being lost.

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