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Re: Ryanisms

Post by scipio-USMC » Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:39 am

Brendan72 wrote:
sherbetbizarre wrote:So there's Drawing Straws, and there's the phrase Clutching at Straws.

Two different things.

Now around 2 hours 16 mins into Shat Hopes II, Ryan suggests the diagram drawn by Ronnie, showing where he tossed the rifle, was fabricated by SCPD. And instead of diving there, they originally began diving behind 112...
Ryan Katzenbach wrote:It seems to me they really didn't know where the rifle was at, and they were drawing at straws.
Now now let's not be clutching at conclusions!

High Hopes admitted that they dove in back of the house first because they felt that is the most likely place to dispose of evidence in the water. When they did not find anything then they moved to where Ron told them to look.

Look how long it took for his team to search a small area. The notion the police searched the entire canal from the house all the way to the mouth where they found the rifle in 1 day is patently ridiculous. They moved from the house all the way to the mouth where he told them to look. That is a pretty good indication to anyone with a brain and willing to face the truth that it came from Ron. On the other hand if you don't want to face the truth and want to make up BS then of course you deny the truth with no valid basis to do so.

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