did dawn actully kill everyone except ronald

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did dawn actully kill everyone except ronald

Post by neversondaniel » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:31 pm

Or is Ronald defeo Jr making stuff up?

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Re: did dawn actully kill everyone except ronald

Post by VintageBoy91 » Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:47 am

Welcome to the board! :)

As to your question, its all made up stuff by Ronnie. Dawn was a victim and never a suspect.
I could write you lots of pages full of information now but everything is already said. For further information please feel free to look at other threads about the "Dawn did it theory" here on the board. ;)
It's just not true that Dawn was involved in the murders and every theory about it is completely bu**sh*t. And please never believe what Katzenbach and Osuna claim in their books and "documentaries".

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Re: did dawn actully kill everyone except ronald

Post by astonio » Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:52 am

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Re: did dawn actully kill everyone except ronald

Post by scipio-USMC » Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:19 pm

neversondaniel wrote:Or is Ronald defeo Jr making stuff up?
Entirely made up and the fact he didn't make it up until 1990 says something.

To police he admitted he committed all the murders after blaming someone he alleged was a mob hitman failed. SO he didn't blame Dawn then.

At trial he admitted he committed the murders

After he lost his appeals, in an interview by Hans Holzer Ron admitted he committed the murders, that he was just acting crazy to try to escape liability and reiterated something else he said at trial- that he felt he should have killed his extended family as well.

In 1986 he gave an interview to Newsday where he introduced his new fictional account of the killings where he blamed Dawn for killing their father, Louise for killing Dawn and the other children and then Ron killed his mother in anger for her killing Allison, marc and John. This is the first time he lied about being married using the marriage certificate he forged and where he claimed the nonexistent person Richard Romondoe was with him at the time of the murders and could confirm he only shot his mother. He said he didn't tell he truth because his grandfather would have killed him if he had testified that his mother killed them.

In 1990 he filed a motion in court to get his conviction vacated and to get a new trial. Because reception to his tale about his mother was so poor and rejected as complete BS, he changed his story yet again. This time he alleged that Dawn killed everyone else and he only killed Dawn. He said she attacked him and tried to shoot him so he hit her and as they struggled over the gun she was shot. He again lied claiming Richard Romondoe was with him at the time everyone was shot and could confirm he didn't do the shooting.

Aside from the fact that Richard Romondoe doesn't exist and that if this were actually the truth then Ron would have told police this from the outset (instead of falsely confessing to police, falsely confessing at his trial, falsely confessing to Hans Holzer and in 1986 blaming his Mother), the physical evidence doesn't support it. Dawn was not beaten and shot as she was scuffling. She was shot as she was lying in her bed under her covers. Moreover there is no evidence to suggest that Dawn handled let alone fired a weapon. If Dawn had fired the shots claimed then she would have had GSR on her hands and clothing but had none. Aside from her head, the only part of her body not under her blanket was her left shoulder. Her left shoulder had a powder burn which is further evidence she was in bed as she was shot at rather close range. The only prints on the murder weapon belonged to Ron. ALl the available evidence lines up with ROn's initial confession not his fairytale.

In fact even the reason why Ron claimed his sister killed them turned out to be BS and explains in part why he didn't make the BS claim during the trial. He said that Dawn was in love with Billy Davidge and that in late 1972 Billy's father was transferred to Florida so moved his family there. He said that Dawn wanted to move to Florid to be with him but that her father would not allow it even after she turned 18. So she killed him and everyone else so she could run to Florida to live with Billy. First of all, at 18 she could not be stopped from moving wherever she wanted so the story was BS for that reason alone. At any rate, Billy Davidge's father was already dead at he time he supposedly was transferred. He didn't move his family to Florida. The family was still living in Amityville at the time of the murders. Billy Davige graduated from high school in Amityville in 1975. The family didn't move to Florida until after Ron's conviction. The fact they had moved and were living in Florida in 1990 gave Ron the bright idea to make up this tale. At the time of the trial it would be easy to prove the claim complete bunk because he didn't know anyone who moved who he could claim Dawn wanted to go live with. The story only came to him after he found out they had moved and he needed to come up with some motive for Dawn to kill.

All of these claims were thoroughly rejected by the Court as lies and he lost his bid for a new trial. Despite the fact they were proven lies before the court there are unscrupulous people who insist his claims are true.

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Re: did dawn actully kill everyone except ronald

Post by Brendan72 » Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:51 pm

I am of the opinion Dawn didn't commit any of the murders. She was a victim like her parents, two brothers and youngest sister.

These rumours she was involved on various levels of participation have circulated for decades, with no hard tangible evidence to support them.

I think the points I can make are covered in the above post, particularly scipio-USMC.

It is awfully convenient for some people to blame the victim in the commission of a crime, particularly when they are not around to defend themselves or give their side of the story.

It is also acceptable to speculate however with exercises such as the Osuna book and the Katzenbach documentary of which is based on the book, try to make it out as fact, then I find it unacceptable.
- Brendan72

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Re: did dawn actully kill everyone except ronald

Post by AMRA » Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:25 pm

Brendan72 wrote:I am of the opinion Dawn didn't commit any of the murders... These rumours she was involved on various levels of participation have circulated for decades, with no hard tangible evidence to support them.
Exactly. The only thing that places any limit to the number of theories is the extent of peoples imaginations.
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