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Iver Johnson video

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:52 pm
by scipio-USMC

While looking for a video showing disassembly of a firearm (different one) I came across a video of an Iver Johnson 3rd model. This is the model of weapon that Ryan found. At 11:30 into the video the grips are removed and he shows the coil spring. I showed some photos showing the difference between a coil spring and leaf spring but this video gives you a good idea of the overall size and a better image of the coil spring.

The video starts out with a minor inaccuracy but other than that it is good. His claim the smaller frame was for .32 S&W is wrong. This larger frame was for both .38 S&W and ,32 S&W. The smaller frame was for .22 caliber.

While watching the video you will see the barrel and cylinder pivot down. So the gun is in 2 sections. The half with the trigger and hammer is called the receiver (sometimes lower receiver) that is what Ryan found. The section with the barrel is attached to the receiver by a screw. If you watch the entire thing you will hear him note the various locations of the serial numbers to check if they are all the same. A replacement barrel could be attached or a barrel taken from a different gun in which case the serial nmbers would not match. Any Iver Johnson .32 S&W or .38 S&W could be attached. In fact they made cheap ones under their US Revolver Company name and those were interchangeable as well. We have no way to know without inspection of whethe rit was a US Revolver model or Iver Johnson's "premium" line. Either way operation and looks would be the same.

You can see how much shorter the cylinder is from modern revolvers especially a .38 special which has a much longer cartridge so the cylinder needs to be much longer. .38 S&W is a small round low velocity and again what Ryan found could have had a .32 S&W mated to it for all we know.

Here is a photo of the .38 special next to .38 S&W


Here is a model with a leaf spring


Note how the inside curves down nice and smoothly while the model using the coil spring (below) has a wedge protruding.


and the receiver Ryan found has that tell tale wedge


In fact you can see that it actually protrudes on the right side as well but the left wedge is the most distinctive.

No other top breaks exhibit these same features other than the Iver Johnson/US Revolver Company Safety Hammer Automatic Third Model so there is no question at all what he found was manufactured by Iver Johnson. Againt the barrel could be .32 S&W or .38 S&W we have no way of knowing which.

Either way it is impossible for it to have fired .38 Special and most certainly not one of the 2 models chambered in .38 special that DeFeo supposedly owed at some point and that Ryan was therefore searching for (blued snubnose and black 4" barrel) and certianly not a Colt python like Kelske allegedly owned according to Geraldine :wall:

Re: Iver Johnson video

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:02 pm
by scipio-USMC
The gun Ryan's divers found