Welcome To The New Amityville Horror Truth Board

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Welcome To The New Amityville Horror Truth Board

Postby BillyCigars » Sun Jun 12, 2005 2:14 am

Welcome to the New Home of The Truth About the Amityville Horror board!

To help familiarize yourself with this board's features, please see the Message Board's FAQ as you will find some fairly basic and helpful information.

If you are having issues with the board, please check out our Help Forum where you will likely find the answer to your problem.

Putting this new board together has been a huge collaborative effort on the part of some extremely dedicated and talented individuals. For all of us, this has been a labor of love and we are proud to help continue the tradition of such an informative forum dedicated to the intelligent dissemination of information surrounding what has come to be known as, The Amityville Horror.

Special thanks to Tim Yancey, Dan the Damned, Ozz, Sherbetbizarre, LisaMarie, and of course George Lutz for all of their contributions and hard work for without which, none of this would have been possible.

So once again, we welcome you all to the new home of The Amityville Horror Truth Board and hope that we can continue such a strong and vibrant community of posters!

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