Cryptozoology and Bigfoot

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Re: Cryptozoology and Bigfoot

Post by # 13 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:53 pm

Hey all

My family and I recently made a trek to Minnesota on vacation and our route took us right by Bray Road, near Elkhorn Wisconsin. For those of you not familiar with Bray Road, it is where a lot of strange sightings of a large, wolf like creature has been sighted. For those wanting to learn more check out this link (I know, Wikipedia but it will get you started):

Some have called it a werewolf. I don't buy the human morphing into beast bit but it is entirely possible to have a race of very large wolves (I would think). Some have reported it to stand and run on two legs as well. It has also been referred to as the Michigan Dogman as there have been many sightings in Michigan too. Anyways, I have some pictures and the links are posted below.




I have more pics if anyone is interested. However, like the article says Bray Road is just a quaint country road with farms and clusters of woods. There is probably plenty of wildlife there for a wolf to prey on but not much in the way of vast woods. Bray Road itself is only about four miles long. Anyways, I guess it doesn't matter as it makes for a neat story :D

BTW I have one of Linda Godfrey's books and it is a great read for anyone interested. Here is the link: ... 2MTDK3C28Z

Enjoy and as always, Happy Hunting :dance:
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Re: Cryptozoology and Bigfoot

Post by Brendan72 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:35 am

# 13 wrote:
Pretty cool B, thanks for posting! One vocalization sounds like a straight up burp but that may be (if real) how they communicate. They were definitely pissed off that the guy was there.
I originally thought that as well but based on what I have learned from several sources is that this is the behaviour displayed to new people in their 'territory'. The loud noises can in most cases can be designed to frighten off most people from the area. Sort of like most animals in the wild are in terms of defending their territory. It is kind of like a predator-prey scenario in some ways. It can also be the Bigfoot asserting their dominance, not unlike most animals (including humans).

Basically I think it is also a test to see how people react, because like I said most would run with their proverbial tail between their legs, never to return. There would be a minority of people who would stay and remain, however, and form some kind of bond with the Sasquatch who would in turn get used to them. if you listen to some of the other vocalisation videos on that You Tube channel you will hear what sounds like the Bigfoot say one of the men's name. We have learned from the Sierra tapes that they can speak limited words, even if it is just parroting.
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