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What Is Special About Today

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:38 am
by Ayko
-Today is January, 2017, Friday the 13th.-

1. Friday the 13th is considered by many western cultures and superstitous people as being unlucky. This belief is based on the events surrounding the conspiracy and false arrest of 60+ Templar Knights (Christian warriors that fought for the rights of civilian citizens during The Crusades and Holy Wars and are said to be direct descendants of the apostles and disciples of Jesus and John the Baptist) for heresy on Friday, October 13th, 1307 by the power hungry tyrant, King Philip IV of France.

A Quote from "King Philip IV ordered (Grand Master Knight Jacques) de Molay and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested. The arrest warrant started with the phrase: "Dieu n'est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume" ["God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in the kingdom"]. Claims were made that during Templar admissions ceremonies, recruits were forced to spit on the Cross, deny Christ, and engage in indecent kissing; brethren were also accused of worshiping idols, and the order was said to have encouraged homosexual practices. The Templars were charged with numerous other offences such as financial corruption, fraud, and secrecy. Many of the accused confessed to these charges under torture, and these confessions, even though obtained under duress, caused a scandal in Paris. The prisoners were coerced to confess that they had spat on the Cross: "Moi, Raymond de La Fère, 21 ans, reconnais que [j'ai] craché trois fois sur la Croix, mais de bouche et pas de cœur" (free translation: "I, Raymond de La Fère, 21 years old, admit that I have spat three times on the Cross, but only from my mouth and not from my heart"). The Templars were accused of idolatry and were suspected of worshipping either a figure known as Baphomet or a mummified severed head they recovered, amongst other artifacts, at their original headquarters on the Temple Mount that many scholars theorize might have been that of John the Baptist, among other things."

2. Interesting to note that in Italy 13 is considered a lucky number (probably due to Jesus and John plus 12 apostles/disciples giving us 13) and Friday the 17th is considered an unlucky day.

3. Also, today is St. Knut's Day in Sweden, Finland and Estonia celebrating Canute (Knut in Swedish) Lavard the saint who was a Danish prince/duke in the early 1100s and is the Patron saint of Denmark where the Holiday is strangely not celebrated. In Finland, the feast is celebrated mostly by children dressed as 'Nuuttipukki', a scary Santa Claus that resembles a goat and demands leftover foods and sweets (and traditionally by adults alcoholic beverages). In Sweden, the feast is celebrated by (mostly) children dancing around the Christmas Tree before it is taken down and the sweets used as decorations are finally available to eat. That is cute to remember St. Canute/Knut, that way.

note: I thought this would be a good way (for me) to remember what I learn everyday whenever I look up history's (daily) lessons and rememberances that I usually forget quickly after I read them. This way it is like keeping a (school) textbook and I welcome any additional comments as I continue this, for me (if not for others interested).

Re: What Is Special About Today

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:02 am
by Ayko
-Today is 14.January.2017-

1. According to the Julian Calendar of (mostly) old Russia and eastern Europe, today is the (Old) New Year and (still) celebrated (by some) with family and friends (as a second New Year feast).

2. In Thailand, it is National Forest Conservation Day which is always a good thing (to celebrate). It is also National Children’s Day there celebrated on the second Saturday of January.

3. In the U.S.A., it is Ratification Day celebrating the treaty signing and official end to the American Revolution in 1784.

Re: What Is Special About Today

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:43 am
by # 13
Excellent post Ayko, Thank You for that :clap:

My favorite day of the year, Friday the 13th :D

Re: What Is Special About Today

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:26 am
by Ayko
# 13 wrote:Excellent post Ayko, Thank You for that :clap:

My favorite day of the year, Friday the 13th :D
Thank-you much. Glad you liked it. That (era) I have researched. Many enjoy the number 13 (or 4 from the cross sum 1+3) as their Kona (companion or lucky number) as I myself often do with number 5, right to the right of 4. In any case, to quiet down my brother who has been nagging me about 'wasting my time' sharing my hobbies with you all I ill continue only in my diary and hope he learns nothing (poking around anonymously) reading (our) messages here wasting his time. I may get in your chat about bigfoot that he can't nag to have be stopped there where it is a waste of time to go, according to him, 'the ghost guest' of and snitch scared of the lady Boss. Excuse the interruption, # 13, I just had to vent (out loud). In any case, one more (here) for the road...

-Today is Sunday.15.January.2017-

Today is One World Religion Day (recognized every third Sunday of the New Year) that was officially put forth in 1950 by members of ‘The Spiritual Assembly’ of the Bahá'í Faith to ‘plant seeds’ and have people adjust to the possibility of a practical one global philosophy of GOD common to the way of (most) all practicing faiths citing the need and logic to agree that all religions worship the same (good) GOD who is working with and guiding deities/prophets/angels/messengers/philosophers/such others, in all cultures and (most) all (mainstream) religions. Although the ‘holiday’ has not been recognized on a public (servant) scale, it survives as ‘seeds’ (waiting to sprout) in pockets of (openly) celebrating Bahá'í members in Maine, USA, Quebec, Canada, Australia, Bolivia, Laos, Holland, and also by many leading religious adherents. I just started celebrating it, too. This time (just) with a candle and some incense but that’s a start.