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Spells Incantations And Curses

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 5:23 am
by Ayko
Spells Incantations And Curses

It is my duty to warn if I can in such circumstances.

A curse is the misuse and abuse of The Craft of The Old Religion which is strictly for good health and good fortune and not ever to be used for hurting, punishing or manipulating as with everything unless you are authorized to as in police or military justice of protection, or a Godly Judge.

One of the oldest and most effective curses ever, until meeting up with Star Wars and their Lukes, was put into motion by satan possessed groups against the rising America and our lifelong work to bring about peace and a world without borders. Up until Ronald Reagan, every U.S. President becoming president in a year with a zero was assassinated while in office. Nancy Reagan, a dedicated spiritualist and occultist, was terrified for her husband and was in constant fear. I can only imagine how she must have felt when Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt. He survived though and went on to be glorified as the President that brought Russia to their knees and won the cold war with his 'Star Wars Program', not project. The Star Wars Program was less nuclear weapons in orbit that were in orbit already in the 1960s, and more advanced Roswell technology which gave the 'eits device' or satan (unkown enemy) device a huge advantage in many ways. Once we stopped burning up space debris and trash (old satellites, etc.) in the atmosphere and began polluting the orbit with millions or billions of boosters and hiding interference for the satan device Reagan's Star Wars Program took over, or so it seemed to him, a high society member being easily manipulated due to excessive drug use including a less advanced version of viagra which is directly connected to Alzheimers disease which should not be confused with Muscular Dystrophy or other such brain disorder. The original Star Wars films are obviously based on events of The Knights Templar of the Temple Of Solomon who were direct descendants of Jesus and John The Baptist and their Apostles and Disciples and fought for justice during the Crusades and even later up until this day under various identities. Arts and crafts is spiritual and alive. Not only that, art is sentient and intelligent but does not have a bodily form except when working on art with our spirits and bodies. Art has also been a magical and huge ally to our rescue missions. That is why satanists are scared of art and allow the drugs to suppress it, especially in the western high society falling way behind the times and other cultures, and in an ugly way if it continues. In any case, a few years after Reagan left office he began showing symptoms of Alzheimers and withered away slowly over many years while hiding in shame as Nancy helplessly watched and took care of him, loyal to the end. Not an easy way to go. I personally would have preferred the bullet if I was in his place. Reagan was not warned and this time it there is much more at stake and no satan left to blame. Because Reagan was saved by the illuminati the curse put into place by those manipulating them was broken. George W. Bush was the next in line and lives healthy with his family. His father, George Bush Sr., is in a wheelchair but fine. He was, however, the vice president under Reagan.

If you people want to release Star Wars Episode Seven and the rest and any other films using stolen stories or even change the stories I will not be held responsible for what happens but, it will not be pretty I am sure.

Re: Spells Incantations And Curses

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:08 pm
by BellWitch74
You remind me of Foland.