Manipulated Craft Rites

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Manipulated Craft Rites

Post by Ayko » Tue May 19, 2015 8:33 am

Manipulated Craft Rites

The Craft of The Old Religion is what some mainstream folks call witchcraft. In the Old Religion there was no curse or such word. Spells, incantations and rites of The Craft were strictly for the benefit and health of all leaving no room for cursing. With the help of manipulated books and collections of spells and rites including modern day combining and revising the modern day wiccans/pagans/Wu etc, have more focused rites and incantations giving users a better show with the aftershocks elsewhere that are not considered giving them a very ugly show.

The only reason that the Craft still works within this contained area of the galaxy is by my authority to keep the Revelations of The Bible and Quran (which are similar except that the Quran is more detailed but not as a single chapter rather more spread of the Prophets of Allah or Father God and first son, Moses) strong and flowing. The downside is my inability to offer advice and repair of the manipulation. Now it is too late to form a group to do just that and learn what we can in the time left before departure including the dangers unseen and ignored.

For every action there are reactions either smaller or greater than the initial action depending upon the situation. If a child uses his toy water gun to shoot his sister as a joke the reactions could, but not necessarily, include crying of the sister, revenge, swearing, screaming, laughing, punishing by parents or not, example setting for the younger sister, etc, not forgetting that the boy will one day be a teen and adult that has no problem with guns. A simple and clear example without exaggeration.

A person is in therapy to isolate and analyze the emotional and spiritual problems and ailments he has that others worsened with every passing day except brother, Ayko, who was kept away from him even though all his 'friends' knew Ayko was the only one on Earth that had a chance to help him before forced therapy was necessary for his and our protection. If a séance is held, for example, to contact that person using manipulated rites (with none other available except by Ayko) while others use partly understood technology to assist that what do you think could happen using the water gun example and not including all other universal influences and reactions? I will tell you. A potential end to the rescue and either go back to mind possession and another '100,000 year war' with ourselves or the 'self destruct sequence' (like Star Trek) in case of invasion with no escape. Also, universal evolution again brought to a standstill as well as Heavenly rewards and afterlife.

If you do not trust us with a person that you all drove to extremities of satanic tyranny while keeping his only chance of help here and now with Ayko away so you could do drug parties in the name of Ayko and his works but without his presence then we must presume you are insane and/or victims of drug abuse and brainwashing. Think about it. What would you conclude about yourselves if you were me? We have fixed your damage and we are back to where we were with analyzing in a safe and responsible environment with no pain but, because of you 'witches', also no gain until now. Of course, I again suffer and have less time for fun and rescue mission duties of preparation while watching and feeling your drug orgies without once thinking about me or him. Hopefully, you all quickly get your act together or we shall give you your wish and show you first hand the true power of God, Guardians Of destiny, and Nature with all truths and facts of global activities then laid out on the table and media for all to know and see. Then I will be an overnight celebrity and will get to the fun later while ALL of you are glued to the TV and news media to see and know what I do next as more media crowd western celebrities, politicians, and royals to get their comments on mine. If you have decided it would be better to work with me than against us we all wonder what took so long unless you move fast regardless of what I do or do not do.

Again, if you do not trust us then first you must discuss your apprehension or mistrust with Ambassador Ayko. If you do not while he suffers under emotional torment and isolation as does his brother in therapy then everyone everywhere can draw there own conclusions.
Father Ryan: I'm not in the habit of blaming Satan for every phenomenon.

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