Multiple homicides simular to the Defeo in the 1970s

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Multiple homicides simular to the Defeo in the 1970s

Post by cwf081166 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:15 pm

Has anyone read or heard about some murders that were also like the Defeo murders. They happened between 1973 to 1976 and took place somewhere in the midwestern United States. The families last name also started with De, But I can not remember the complete last name. The oldest sons age was about nineteen and during the night he shot his mother, father and two younger brothers. There were no other females involved.

The reason I am asking is because yesterday I was telling to my aunt about this website "The Truth About the Amityville Horror". That same aunt took me and my cousin to see the first Amityville Horror movie back during the summer of 1979 and we passed her copy of the Amityville Horror back and forth for a couple of years reading and rereading the book.

My aunt had seen the above story about those murders on PBS about a week before we went to see the Amityville Horror movie. The night we went to see the movie she was talk about the above case and thought it was the basis to the Amityville book and movie. My cousin and I disagreed and during the conversation my cousin called my aunt a few choice names and got his butt spanked in the process.

In the middle of the night after seeing the movie, my cousin was afraid to go to the bathroom. He had read the book also and the movie put the fear of GOD and everything else into him. Instead of facing his fears he wet the bed more than once instead of going or waking someone up to go with him to the bathroom. Both my aunt and myself thought it was funny, but my cousin to this day still doesn't have a sense of humor about that night.

Also if anyone has any thoughts as to a way I could find out any information about the above homicides I would appreciate it. I have tried google, But without the complete last name it doesn't work and seems hopeless.

Oh yea rest assure we have people like my cousin in US Homeland Security protecting Us for those things that could go bump or boom during the night.

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Re: Multiple homicides simular to the Defeo in the 1970s

Post by AMRA » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:22 pm

Not a multiple homicide, and not an exact match to what you asked - but could it have been the killing of Karen DeGennaro, in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York, November 19th, 1974 (just six days after the DeFeo killings)? She was 11 years old, and was stabbed to death in her bed by Vito Coscia, aged 21. The killing happened whilst her mother, Carol DeGennaro, was at the store. She returned to find Coscia washing the blood from his hands. Karen's younger brother was also stabbed but survived.

A single photograph of Karen's body in situ turned up in the Suffolk County Police Department DeFeo murders file amongst the photo's of the DeFeo victims, leading to long-time speculation that there was actually a 'seventh victim' in the Amityville house. Eventually it was discovered that the photo had merely been mis-filed according to the PD's alphabetic system (DeF - DeG).

Vito Coscia was found guilty of the murder and was sentenced in the Suffolk Courts to 15-life. He died, in prison, on September 16, 2006.
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