Proof of haunting in my place!

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Casting Out Demons In Jesus Name
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Proof of haunting in my place!

Post by deliveranceminister » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:23 am

For many years I was fighting demons! Got rid of a lot. They are not that hard to fight. I used a method not taught on Tv. Anyway, I have not been able to capture the message on my wall with my cannon camera. Probably demons would not let me.
I recently bought a Nikon D3500 with 300mm lens. Hopefully I can capture the message now! I have covered the words with spackle, but it came through, again! Not as intense as before!
I am new to using a powerful camera . After I learn how to use it, I will try to take a picture of what the demons said on my wall.
I might put it in my book, not sure about that though. I was hoping to capture a natural shot of the moon December 22, 2018 to put on the cover of my book sold on Amazon. We'll see!
Mark 16 : 17 Jesus Christ gave authority to all Believers to cast out demons in His name !

Hauntings Why They Happen and How to Help Yourself by Author
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