Jay Anson on The David Susskind Show

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Jay Anson on The David Susskind Show

Post by msmart112 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 2:12 pm

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msmart112 wrote:
Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:01 pm
In the documentary Amityville: Horror or Hoax (originally aired by The History Channel in 2000)...

...there is a short portion of an episode of The David Susskind Show from 1977 where Jay Anson was interviewed...it's at the 36:40 mark...

"After I had finished the manuscript, I had turned it over to my editor to take back to Prentice Hall in New Jersey. His car caught on fire. An accident. I gave a copy of the manuscript to another friend. There was a rainstorm, and he went through what he thought was a puddle it turned out to be a pothole. His whole car sank, it was a total wreck. The only thing that was dry in the whole car was the manuscript. The two incidents that took place after that kind of shaked me a little bit, because I had given the first two chapters to a friend of mine, a woman named Frances Evans. She took it home and she died in a fire that night. She and two daughters were killed."

...I searched multiple newspaper archives for any reference to a Frances Evans who was killed in a fire along with her two daughters...and I found one...but it was from January of 1975...

New York Times

January 13, 1975

A 32 year old mother and her two young daughters were killed in a smoky fire early this morning in their duplex apartment at 133 East 80th Street.

The victims were identified by the police, as Mrs. Frances Evans and her daughters, Elizabeth, 9, and Melissa, 10. Twelve year old Charles Evans her son, was rescued by firemen, police said.

Fire officials said the blaze apparently began in the 10th floor living room around 12:30 A.M., sending smoke through the 10th and 11th floor duplex. The mother and one of her daughters were found in an upstairs bedroom, and the other daughter was found on a staircase leading, between the two floors.

The fire was declared under control shortly after 1 A.M. Officials said that they were not certain what had caused the fire, but added that it did not appear suspicious in nature.

Charles Evans, the father of the children, arrived at the building around 1:30 A.M. to identify the victims, according to the police. They said he was living elsewhere.

The police said death was apparently caused by smoke inhalation.

The fire was confined to the Evans apartment in the 14 story red brick building at the northwest corner of East 80th Street and Lexington Avenue.

Firemen said the fire itself was contained in the lower floor of the duplex, and that most of the damage appeared to have occurred in the living room.

A fireman said that Mrs. Evans, who had apparently tried to rescue one of the girls, was found lying on the floor near a window in the child's bedroom. No one else was reported injured.

https://www.nytimes.com/1975/01/13/arch ... osition=12

Brendan72 wrote:
Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:26 pm
This was a good find. I wonder if Anson and Frances Evans knew one another at any period prior to her death? I do admit it would be a bit difficult given it was the early 1970's.

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