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Brian Wilson & Riverside Media Consulting

Post by underthegarden » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:14 pm

You know how sometimes it is late and you can't sleep so you Google Brian Wilson and see what he might be up to these days? Perhaps some tell-all book or maybe he has a thing for buying haunted houses and has bought another one?

No? Just me?

Anyhow, a search for him led me down a Google wormhole. Apparently since 2006, he has operated a company known as Riverside Media Consulting, LLC. The registered address for said company is at 108 Ocean Drive, as of 2017. NY LLCs need to file annual statements every year and he still claims his company's address is 108 Ocean. Super weird.

Anyone have any idea what this company is/does?

Maybe he forgot to update his address for the last 7 years or so? The company name sounds so open to interpretation, though. Was he planning a movie? A book?

Or maybe nothing to see here so move along.

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