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The San Pedro haunting

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:31 am
by Amit Y Ville
The San Pedro case is a fascinating haunting and just as morbid as Amityville. I watched an episode of Paranormal Witness about this called ‘The Man In The Attic’ and it scared the life out of me. A woman called Jackie Hernandez lived with her kids in a small house in California, and started experiencing strange goings on such as loud footsteps in the attic, orbs, strange smells which escalate to far worse including the first time I’ve ever heard a ghost attacking a cameraman in the attic by hanging him on a nail with string. There was also strange slime appearing from the walls which when tested turned out to be blood plasma.

The scary part of this is it seemed to follow Jackie in later years and even the cameramen were pursued by this ghost, supposedly of a dead fisherman. There is plenty of video footage from Barry Conrad in the original house with everyone freaking . There are also photos of orbs, which are disturbing in that there are shadows overlapping each other in the lights. Jackie moved away to a trailer further away, but to her horror she noticed scratching noises in her shed, followed by orbs returning, more alarming a face appeared in a TV screen which her neighbors also witnessed. Conrad also has footage where he noticed his house was under attack by the force and several strange events happen just off camera.

Has anybody else heard of this haunting and what do you think? Personally I found this quite interesting and disturbing. Would make a decent non-Hollywood film which could actually be scary if they don’t aim it at the teenage audiences.

Re: The San Pedro haunting

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:07 pm
by 112 elm street
I remember hearing about this on Coast to Coast back when Art Bell was hosting the show.

Re: The San Pedro haunting

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:14 pm
by Amit Y Ville

Here's a 80-min documentary on the haunting.

Re: The San Pedro haunting

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 6:54 am
by Amit Y Ville
Disappointed to see no one contributed to the thread as I loved reading about this haunting.

Is this guy on crack who reviewed the DVD? ... B00V1CO8EK

This review is from: An Unknown Encounter: A True Account of the San Pedro Haunting (Amazon Instant Video)

The story is in fact true and is one of the last true poltergeist cases in the modern world before Youtube and Internet took over everyday lives. There are changes on the other side which means once dead the supernatural no longer can become stuck in limbo, they always pass over which means hauntings no longer occur when entities become confused and become stuck in that area where they do not realise they are no longer living. This case is one of the factors in which the gods of mortality changes their policies and had to change the mechanisms of living creatures into passing over which is that humans have become so advanced to learn of the ways of the human being and that gods actually exist. Hauntings like this are no longer occuring and once this spirit in San Pedro passed over the hauntings could no longer be shot on video camera. The ghost in this case was a vengeful fisherman who took out much menace on Jackie Hernandez in this video. There is evidence on video here for all to see as well as photos of a real hanging which is controversial to be shown in a non-certificate film as well as demonic arson and condiments being thrown in the cameraman’s kitchen, all of which are very disturbing. Anyone who got close to Jackie was stalked by the fishermen. I lived near the trailer park Jackie lived for some years, and can tell you the entity resided in the shed for some time but has since passed over to the other side. The residence saw orbs and strange noises, one of them said he heard a reeling noise like a fishing line constantly through the night and also my kids used to play round there saying it was haunted. This video shows all you need to know but not the FULL story which I believe Jackie did hide from the press as it involved sexual harassment from the entity much like the Entity case.